1. look at ur tummy
2. say “wow this is a cute tummy”
3. congratulations u have a cute tummy

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rrggh so sexually frustrated and not in a cute way but like in a my needs are being neglected by my significant other and have been for years kind of way


I’ve seen a million times on every different blog, anyone who posts questions, anyone who answers them, anyone who gives advice. I’m positive it’s the most commonly asked question I’ve ever seen, related to sex.

"Does size matter?"

I’m here to tell you the answer. I’m not a girl. I have no personal experience on what it feels like to have sex with a person with a three inch penis compared to a man with a ten inch penis. But I still know the answer.


How do I know? Let me tell you. I would say that I have an averaged sized penis. I’m not concerned with not being monstrous in length. I never have. Why?

Because any man can (should) make a woman cum multiple times, before he even has his pants off. Penis size is so unimportant, because if you can work your tongue on her clit, and fingers on her g-spot, and have her soaked with her own juices, cumming in waves, so gasping in pleasure that you could slip a pencil in her and make her cum. So, when she’s already drenched, her eyes glazed over, her voice hoarse and raspy from screaming your name, God’s name, Fuck’s name.. and any other name that possessed her while you were going down on her making her cum, and you drop your pants at that moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re 3 inches or 10, she’s gonna just fucking gasp. Not because of how big it is, but because she knows it’s going to make her cum again. And again.

Now, if you have a 3-4 inch penis, and you flip a woman face down, ass up and pound her g-spot.. even 3-4 inches is ‘long enough’. If you’re 7-8 inches, you hit her a-spot in that same position, then that’s long enough. If you’re bigger.. good for you, but be mindful it might be too much.

Whatever you do, don’t ask her if it’s ‘the right size' because it kills the mood faster than your mom walking in on you. The day you drop your pants after making a woman cum over and over and do it with confidence, truly is the day you are a man.

Insecurity is not sexy. When you drop your pants, drop them with confidence. Regardless of what you’re packing.

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Ugh homework is dumb you guys. Especially when you have a lot of it.

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